Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Instapay: Easy way to accept online card payments in India

 Do you own a blog selling e-stuffs like ebooks, workshops, tutorials etc? if you do you must have find that the process of accepting payment online in india is very painful and not the straight forward.
There are some available options but  they are confusing and cumbersome. Genrally people do accept direct online payments by sharing the bank details and/or transfering it via bank deposit or wire transfer which may involve some security risks.

Genrally to avoid such risks we do use third party payment methods like paypal and skrill, but paypal is not available for money transfer service in india due to RBI guidelines, this is where the service named InstaPay comes handy.

Instapay is not a Paypal Alternative

It is not true to say instapay as paypal alternative because it simply allow us to send and receive money using it online service and does not provide any wallet or balance type of service.

How to get started with Instapay?

Instapay is a free service by Instamojo,so you must have an instamojo account to use it. If you do not have an account it is really simple just create it.

Instamojo do use your username as your instapay url so it should simple and well thought.

Setup your instapay account and bank details.

now suppose you want to send money to user named indieseo you should visit https://www.instamojo.com/@indieseo/. you will see the beautiful page asking you the amount of money to send.add amount and click on pay.When you will click to pay you will be prompted to netbanking or card payment options.

Instapay can be used for seminar, digital goods direct selling, workshops etc. It has very low transection rate of 1.9% for each transection.we can not use it for hosting and domain releted service using debit card.

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